$59,600 Braxton Is a Ranch Style Log House with Three Bedrooms

$59,600 Braxton Is a Ranch Style Log House with Three Bedrooms

If you have a love for log houses, you'll be interested in seeing some great examples, like the $59,600 Braxton, which is a ranch style log home with three bedrooms. If you are like many people, you can appreciate good quality, well-built homes, and that is what Coventry Log Homes specializes in. The company handcrafts all of their log home packages with attention to detail to make some of the most beautiful log houses out there. When you are looking for log home floor plans and kits, choosing the company you want to purchase your log home building kit from can be one of the toughest choices to make. After all, this will be the company that you will be dealing with through the process of building, and the company you go with can make all the difference. Coventry Log Homes has been in business for decades, and it is a family business too. The father who started the business handed it down to his sons when they were older and they have continued with the same passion and commitment to building beautiful log homes.

The Braxton log home is in the Tradesmen Series of log home models on the Coventry Log Homes' website. The Braxton is a sweet Ranch style log home, with plenty of room in it. It doesn't look all that large from the outside, but there are actually three bedrooms in this log house. The three bedrooms and two bathrooms are spread out nicely over the 960 square feet of the log home floor plan. There is only one level to this house, which actually makes it nice for families who are starting out or even a retired couple so they have no stairs to climb all the time. With a lovely open concept, the Braxton showcases traditional log home living at its finest. Everything that is needed is all in one easy to use space, the kitchen, the dining area and the living room flow well together and it makes for a great space to relax and entertain.

The detailing inside the log home is impressive, with the high ceilings and the exposed beams. It is all very rustic looking but that is what gives the log home its wonderful charm and beauty. This log home comes ready to be built, all of the pieces pre notched and labeled so that everything can fit together perfectly. This is a great way to build a log home if you want to try your hand at building it yourself with the help of friends, because everything has been prepared already. Keep in mind that the designers over at Coventry Log Homes will also be more than happy to change the design of any log home for you so that it suits you and your family's needs. As you can tell in the photos of this log home model, it has been built on a basement so that they have a whole other level to the log home. This is a great idea if you want additional space for a games room or storage space, or even extra bedrooms.

Log homes are legendary for being able to brave the coldest winters and the harshest weather. This is perhaps why people have been building them for so long. Throughout history we have seen these amazing logs build forts, homes, multifamily dwellings and other structures, some that have even stood for over one hundred years. If you are thinking about building a log home or log cabin Coventry Log Homes is a good choice to make when it comes to log home building companies. Check out the Braxton and more of their awesome log houses.***

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