54 Unique Alternative Homes

54 Unique Alternative Homes

Check out these 54 unique alternative homes from Trend Hunter. Home is a word packed with meaning for many of us. Our homes are where we return day after day, where we lay our heads to rest, where we keep our most valued possessions and where we are often most relaxed and at peace. In our homes we surround ourselves with the objects that make our lives what they are. Whether we choose to fill our homes with art work, plants, electronics, fine furnishings, plush rugs, cozy comforts or stark minimalist decor, our living space reflects our individual uniqueness.

However, it is not only what we choose to place inside our homes that define us, but the exterior design and architecture of our homes can also be an outward reflection of ourselves. This series of unique images and ideas from Trend Hunter will expand your definition of what a home can be. These ideas will definitely get you thinking outside the box when it comes to your concept of home. You will see everything from hip adult tree houses and converted shipping container homes to hammock and trailer homes. Some of the most unique ideas here include Jenga block architecture, capsule caravans and flying saucer houses. There are also some excellent ideas for making your own home from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, boxcars, cargo containers and reclaimed barns.

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