50 Dream Houses from all over the World

50 Dream Houses from all over the World

My dear people, this is it. The world’s luxurious dream homes are up next to enter in your dreams! *winks* Several of you here are now on the way to build their dream house. Enough money? “Check!” Your design? *silence* “Eer… How do I design my dream house?” Spare a few moments just staring at the photo. “Alright, I am staring at it right now. What’s next?” Nothing. I just want you to stare at its majesty. *big smile* Of course, I want you to be inspired! Just by looking at it, you will know what you will want for your dream home. Nonetheless, I will give you some tips on designing the house of your dreams.

You should thank Michelle Lamoste from Ezine Articles, lads! The first step in designing your dream house is to choose the perfect materials. From the type of wood, the style of the roof, the color of the glass window, garage door, and many others – you should select the ideal materials for it. Lamoste says, “This will ensure that before the actual construction begins, you already have a good idea how your dream house will look like. It also helps avoid costly mistakes during the construction.”

Take the second step by choosing the perfect color combination. For me, this is one of the most fun and interesting part in designing your home. Of course, you’d always want to incorporate the color that suits your taste. According to Lamoste, colors also play a huge role in designing your dream home. To test colors, Lamoste suggests that you use 3D rendering. “3D rendering is also used a lot by landscape designers because of its flexibility. With this technology, you can decide beforehand where your garden or other lawn features will be placed.”

Lastly, pick the perfect home décor. This is my MOST favorite step, guys. *winks* Visualizing these things and how it will look inside your dream house is also important. Just like the colors, you may use the 3D rendering technology. It can help you in almost everything.

Now is the time for you to get more inspiration for your dream house! To view more photos, click on Pinterest website below and have fun browsing!

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