5 Things to Do with Leftover Matzo

5 Things to Do with Leftover Matzo

You might not expect some of the 5 Things to Do with Leftover Matzo. If you've never tried the traditional bread recipe before you are sure to look at it differently after taking a look at these unique recipe ideas. Matzo bread also known as the poor bread can be used for a variety of recipes and uses, some of which you would never expect. While Matzo bread might not be for everyone as it is a simple recipe of just flour and water, it can be served with cheeses and spreads, some like it with butter to add a bit of a flavor. The following are just a few of the ideas you might use to enjoy the simple bread. One way to use Matzo is to grind several sheets of leftover matzo in a mortar and pestle or a food processor until the bread is reduced to a flour-like dust. Then combine with the Matzo with some ingredients and turn it into an unleavened bread that is now leavened. A little twist on the Matzo recipe. The next idea is a fun way to enjoy Matzo with the kids. You can make a gingerbread sukkah. Sukkot is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the forty years the biblical Israelites spent wandering the desert. For this Matzo idea, you take whole matzo sheets and then cover them in some dark, salted caramel. While the caramel is still hot, sprinkle with some warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, plus chopped walnuts. Then set aside to dry, and carefully erect a gingerbread-like Sukkah. This is one way that you've most likely never seen Matzo used before. Another Matzo original idea is to use Matzo to make a donut recipe. This is a sort of fritter recipe made with matzo meal. It goes to show how with a little imagination you can take a recipe that is a bit on the bland side and turn it into unique and original creations.

Matzo also known as matza or matzah is an unleavened bread recipe that is traditionally eaten by Jews during the Passover festival. Matzo bread is eaten when chametz which is bread and other foods made with leaven is forbidden according to the Jewish religious law. The flour used in Matza can be made from the five grains that are mentioned in the Torah to include wheat, barley, spelt, rye and oats. Matzo can be found commercially made in grocery stores and supermarkets, available as flatbread from different manufacturers.

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