5 Solar Can Heaters You Can Build For Cheap to Get Free Heat

5 Solar Can Heaters You Can Build For Cheap to Get Free Heat

With the price of solar power and even wood for burning, it's nice to find cheaper alternatives for heating your space if you want to be off grid, or even for survival techniques. Here are 5 Solar Can Heaters You Can Build For Cheap to Get Free Heat! There are pre - made solar can heaters from a company called Cansolair, but they cost over $2000 to buy! Which is really expensive for some one on a budget. So this article shows us how to make an affordable one on our own!

The concept is basically that the connected cans store the heat from the sun which are kept in behind a plexiglass wall, and then the collected warm air basically blows out to heat your space. A pretty great idea, isn't it? There are a few videos in this post on Tiny House for Us, that each basically show the same or very similar design, but slightly different ways of doing it. There are full instructions for all of the plans, so that you can read them through and decide which one would work best for you, or maybe you could try them all out and to an experiment of what would work best and what wouldn't.

It seems like a pretty awesome set up, you would basically be getting free heating, so it would be awesome for someone who didn't want to pay for electricity or wood to burn up for heat. If built right, one of these contraptions could last for years and work very well to bring heat to your house. It's so awesome that people share their ideas with others so that many people can benefit from one good idea. The DIY world is becoming bigger and it's helping people to be self sufficient. Head over to 'Tiny House for Us' by following the link in the description below for more!

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