5 Hyper Efficient Tiny Homes All Under 250 Sq Ft.

5 Hyper Efficient Tiny Homes All Under 250 Sq Ft.

Tiny houses are very popular these days, and we are all becoming more and more aware of the Tiny House movement. Perhaps, one reason they are that popular is the fact that a lot of people are looking to explore a newer living experience, which is quite different from the ordinary. In fact this newer experience, in a very old way of living utilizing less space and creating a daily lifestyle that offers some real adventure.

The truth is, there are so many ready-made tiny houses offered by several companies. All of them are designed well so that personal styles and tastes of every person can be complemented. You can opt for

tiny houses that have rusty look or extra modern look.You can always design your own if you are confident enough with your carpentry skills. Here are the top 5 hyper-efficient tiny homes that measure 250 square feet:

1. Gypsy Wagon

For less than $8,000, you can already have Gypsy Wagon as your tiny home. This tiny home is already built with a nice bed where you can have a sound sleep during the night or your siesta hours. It even has woodburning stove.

2. Popular Kind of Tiny Home in Idaho

This tiny home offers a more modern design compared to other tiny houses. It is built with a more contemporary flair with lots of lights that will properly illuminate the entire house.

3. Fortune Cookie Shaped Tiny House

Living in this tiny house can be convenient for two persons or a single person with his or her pet dog. When you get inside this house, you will surely love its round, red windowpane.

4. A Tiny Home that Has Wheels

This tiny home is perfect for those people who want to go anywhere, while bringing their cozy and beautiful home along. The best thing about it is its elegant outside appearance.

5. Minimod

Among modernly-designed tiny homes, Minimod really stands out. Its clean lines in its walls add more beauty and elegance into this tiny house. This is actually for expansion since it is mainly designed this way.

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