45 Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are Real

45 Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are Real

You have to check out these 45 Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are Real. It can sometimes seem like people who live in micro homes are living in a fairy tale like world, with their super artsy looking homes that are so beautiful and special. But tiny house living is very real and tiny houses on wheels are popping up all around the world as more people join the tiny house movement. Tiny houses on wheels are allowed to be up to 30 feet long, by 8 feet wide and 13 feet tall. These are the measurement restrictions that are put in place by highway safety in North America, but they could be different in other parts of the world. Micro homes can be as small as 40 square feet which is just enough room to get a bed into and use as a little camper like house, like a caravan. So why not just get an RV or a trailer to pull behind your vehicle? Well the difference in tiny houses on wheels is that they are designed to look and feel more like a house than typical RVs are. They have all of the finishings and furnishings that a typical house would have as well as nice wood floors and walls that pictures can be hung on. Tiny houses on wheels can also be lived in year round because of the high insulation values that are built into them whereas RVs must be winterized in order to stand the cold weather and keep its inhabitants warm and cozy inside.

When you look at micro homes from the outside they do look like a real home. But some people think that living in one of these tiny houses would be too much of a stretch for them and it might seem impossible to live in one of them. Some of the micro homes in this slideshow from House Beautiful will show you that tiny house living might not be as bad as some people may think, in fact you might hardly believe these tiny houses actually exist they are so cool. From floating tiny houses to tree houses, there are all kinds of different micro homes designs to explore and discover. Just when you think no one has explored a particular design, you will find a tiny house that encompasses it. For example, one of the tiny houses on wheels has its own built in hot tub which is such a fabulous idea. Or a building a tiny house that has a deck on top of it for patio dinners and surveying the surroundings of the tiny house. These designs are too awesome but there is more.

There are 45 or more tiny house designs in this awesome slideshow collection of tiny houses from all over. There is a wonderful tiny house tree house that would bring back nostalgia of childhood days as well as a tiny house hotel where people who are thinking of building a tiny house could spend some time to see how much they like it before they build their own. Each of the tiny houses in this collection has a different personality and no two are the same, just like the people who own them. Which is another cool thing about the tiny house movement. There is so much opportunity for people to express their personality and creativity through building a tiny house of their own which makes for some amazing designs. So if you need some tiny house inspiration, this is totally the slideshow for you to have a look and enjoy seeing what comes from people's imaginations and hard work. Make sure you save the ones you like the best especially if you dream of building a tiny house one day.*

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