44 of the Most Affordable Tiny Houses You have Ever Seen under about $10,000

44 of the Most Affordable Tiny Houses You have Ever Seen under about $10,000

People are getting back to the simple life. With the modern pace of high interest and expensive mortgages that can cost over twice as much as the value of your home, more and more people are looking for something that is going to add to their lifestyle instead of stealing their time away in form of the monetary demand.

Did you know that a mortgage rate of about 5% over the course of 30 years will end up costing you about twice of the value of your home, just in interest payments alone? That means that if you purchase a home for $500,000, it will cost you over $1,000,000 to finally fully own it. So unless property value has doubled since you purchased it, you may end up selling your property at a loss, due to interest payments.

The banks are making out like bandits, and this is largely because first time home buyers have no idea what they are getting themselves into. They are taught that home buying is a good idea and a good investment for the future, completely unaware that they are slaving themselves to the high interest rates demanded by the banks.

It's not surprising that people are stressed and depressed! Let's face it. This world is designed to serve the establishment. The government has it's fingers in everything and with increasing regulation and decreasing freedom, it's no wonder that more and more people start to feel the need to abandon ship and get away from it all.

I think that's where the tiny house cultural movement started, and I think that's why it's rolling with more and more popularity every day. This culture so based on stuff... having things, owning things, bigger things, better things... there is something simple, charming and relaxing about the idea of a simple small cabin, which you can call your very own in a beautiful woods, perhaps off the grid, perhaps just out of the way.

Whatever your fancy and whatever your reasons, the desire to get away from it all makes a lot of sense and we are sure you are going to love these impressive tiny houses. Many of these houses can be built cheaply! For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a standard home and many of them are really amazing! These can often be built between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on your DIY moxy.

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