434sf “Pocket House” May Be Tiny But It Wins Big On Style Points

434sf “Pocket House” May Be Tiny But It Wins Big On Style Points

There are many reasons people might consider looking into a small house, tiny home, small cottage, small log cabin, gingerbread cottage, or beach shack, for some a tiny home is a way of downsizing from their current large home, and for others it's simply a consideration for a vacation getaway, studio or artist space. This "434sf "Pocket House" May Be Tiny But It Wins Big On Style Points," can be used for any of the above, from getaway to studio space, guest house to full time living.

This cute tiny house or pocket house, is only 434 square feet, but it is big on design and appeal. The pocket house is created by Jason Swift and Wendy Turner of Swift Architecture, and is located in a backyard in Portland's, Mississippi neighbourhood. The tiny house has a sleeping loft, living and kitchen area (with a four burner oven), french doors, deck, lots of white accented with wooden window frames, and wooden flooring, a bathroom and outside the landscaping is done beautifully which really makes a difference as it extends your tiny house space outside, giving a feeling of space all around.

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