$39,750 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Mountainside Log Home

$39,750 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Mountainside Log Home

The $64,850 Mountainside is an adorable two bedroom log home package from Coventry Log Homes. With only one main level to construct, plus an upper loft space, it also includes an open-concept kitchen and great room design as well as a spacious, old-fashioned porch. Whether youre inside or out, there are lots of special nooks and crannies where you can hide away, taking your relaxation to the next level. Theres a full bathroom on the main floor as well as two main bedrooms, and the loft can serve as a third bedroom area as well or it could be a study, storage area, or office or even all of the above with a little creative space management.

Log home packages like this one from Coventry include all you will need to build your own log cabin home including pre-cut log walls with the window and door openings already carved out, log corner systems, gable angle cuts, kiln-dried logs, graded logs, and a milled tongue and groove sealing system for your log wall system. They also throw in all of the minor details, such as caulking, foam gaskets, corner sealants, screw fasteners, and wall sheathing for gables all essential items you might not think about, otherwise. They offer three different package options for every one of their log cabin designs because they realize each person has different needs and requirements, depending on where they are building their home and what their personal preferences are. You can also choose from five different series, depending on whether youre building your cabin as a camp, cottage, or full-time home. Theres the Craftsman Series, for serious builders, the Tradesman Series, the Recreational Series, the Cabin Series, for simpler models, and the Timber Frame Series for those who prefer timber as their main building source.

Coventry Homes consider themselves to be inherently green in their building practices. Utilizing mainly Eastern White Pine as their log supply, they help educate the public on how important a single tree is to our entire eco-system and they help support eco-friendly efforts to sustain forests and other renewable resources. Every year, they give back to the environment by donating a portion of their income to organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation, New Hampshire Learning Tree, and the American Forest and Paper Association. Their building practices include using all-natural products that do not contain harmful materials or toxins; they work with responsible local loggers who manage the resources accordingly; they buy local materials and thereby curtail pollution caused by long-distance shipping; each of their logs is numbered and pre-cut so nothing is wasted; any extra wood left over is cut into shavings for local farmers or used to heat their own factories. Some of it is even given away to local residents free of charge so they can heat their own homes. They also use energy-efficient doors and windows in all of their homes, as well as other energy-efficient materials whenever possible. Finally, they do their best to offer complete packages this means you dont have to make any extra trips to the lumber yard after youve purchased from them.

Whether youre just daydreaming about a new log house or doing some serious research, its well worth taking a look at the Coventry Log Homes website, just to whet your appetite and get some educated ideas for your future home. Not only will you learn more about log cabin building, but you can see whats included in each of their packages, pore over their vast offering of floor plans, and check out the beautiful photo galleries of all their warm and cozy log cabin homes.*

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