$395,000 May Seem Too Much for This House, but It's Not. Here's Why.

$395,000 May Seem Too Much for This House, but It's Not. Here's Why.

A home by the sea, a picturesque little piece of heaven on an island off the mainland of Washington on Lummi Island in the Salish Sea. This Tranquil Oceanfront Cottage Title 81, would be sure to be an amazing place to call home sweet home. If you are intrigued by the photo, you must go look at more photos of this darling little cabin by the water, on the Small House Bliss website. The home is also for sale, for just under $400,000. This may seem like a lot for a 458 square foot home, but to the right person, this cabin would be worth every penny spent. Perched up on some rocks just off of the shore of the ocean, the cottage stands proudly above the sea, painted a subtle greyish green colour that looks very neutral and soothing. A large deck can also be seen from this angle, and would make for a beautiful spot to sit out and watch the sun rise and the sun set on a daily basis.

It is totally hooked up to the electrical grid, so although it is listed as a vacation property, the cottage could definitely be used year round. The main house consists of the main level which is a living room area, that has magnificent views of the sea and sky. For a smaller sized home, the cottage has a great sized kitchen, with a door leading out onto the patio. The kitchen has a full stove, microwave, full sized refrigerator, and enough room for a kitchen table and chairs. There is plenty of space for storage in all of the great kitchen cabinets as well. A small stair case or ladder, leads up to the bedroom, which is accessed through a hatch that opens and closes. Much different then having a bedroom door! The bedroom is quite a nice size as well, for a smaller home and seems to fit a king sized bed with room still on either side to walk around. There is a sweet little cubby hole and tiny window in the loft space, which is a darling little feature.

The skylights in the bedroom loft would be amazing to have. Two large skylights show views of the trees and the sky, the one over the bed would make for the perfect window to star gaze through and would be a lovely way to sleep under the stars every night, in the comfort of your own cozy bed. There are also windows at the level of the bed, which open up so that you can have the fresh ocean breeze right there, and views of the beach outside as well. The design of the cottage was well thought out, especially the placement of the windows and doors. The only thing that may have people second guessing living in this cottage full time, is the location of the bathroom... The bathroom is in a separate building called the wash room. This building is where the toilet, sink, shower and washer and dryer are located, and it is a climb up the stairs just to get there too. It wouldn't be too bad after getting used to it, but wouldn't be the most fun to have to go to the washroom in the pouring rain, which the coast is known to have quite regularly.

The patio is gorgeous, and would be the perfect place to lounge outside and enjoy the sunshine and views of the ocean. The perfect place for a BBQ in the summertime, when the weather is nice and hot. Invite a guest or two to stay, it would be like a little retreat for them. What a simple yet stunning home to purchase, it is hard to believe it is actually for sale. Chances like this only come around once in a while after all, so check it out while you can!

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