$32,100 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Mountain Lakes Log Home

$32,100 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Mountain Lakes Log Home

What better home for living in the mountains than the Mountain Lakes model? The $66,850 popular chalet has a wide porch that is all ready for your next family BBQ, as well as a ton of great features inside. The log cabin building is a traditional cape style building, which originated in Cape Cod, New England and came along with the English settlers in the 17th century. The notable features on these log cabin designs include a low frame that is long, with a pitched roof and end gables. Also a very common feature of the cape style home, was the small chimney in the centre of the house, which for this log home model, is included in the log cabin designs at the end of the house. The cape style house was designed to withstand the rainy and windy weather patterns that were evident in New England. These houses withstood many sea storms and there are still homes in this style that stand today. Some as old as 300 years old if you can believe it. So overall, this is one of those solid log cabin designs that you can't go wrong with, no matter where you are located.

Logs also have a great capacity to stand up to stormy weather and have been known to withstand winds of up to 100 kilometres. In Florida, some log houses stood through some of the most gruesome hurricanes, and in other states, not even earthquakes could take down the log structures. It's said that logs have the ability to flex and bend under pressure, whereas harder building materials like rock or brick will crumble under too much movement or shifting. The Mountain Lakes log cabin building model features three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with 1,296 square feet of floor space. The extended dormer provides the space for the bedrooms upstairs, with a shared bathroom and loft space overlooking the living room below. The living room features cathedral ceilings, and the kitchen and dining room are connected in an open concept living space, great for entertaining as well as everyday use. Another great idea in this plan is the shared half bath and laundry room, wherever you can double up the use of a room its a great idea. The master bedroom has it's own ensuite bathroom and is tucked away for privacy. The deck is a nice size, with plenty of opportunity to use it as a space to eat and enjoy time with family and friends.

The whole log cabin building kit comes in at a great, affordable price that makes it even more desirable, plus, customers have the opportunity to be able to build their own home from the complete package. More people are choosing log home kits to build their homes and recreational cabins as a quicker and more affordable way to build. Handcrafted log houses can be quite expensive because of all the manual labour that goes into the building and manufacturing process. Even if you have limited building know-how, building a log home kit can be simple. All of the materials are cut and labeled, ready to be assembled upon delivery, and you can call the company if you need any assistance at all. Coventry Log Homes has over 60 log home kits to choose from, and will suit a variety of needs. Log cabin designs can also be altered upon request, and their in house staff can work with the customer to create the floor plan they have in mind. Enjoy having a look at this cape style beauty and many more.***

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