320 Sq. Ft. Post & Beam Cabin in the Woods

320 Sq. Ft. Post & Beam Cabin in the Woods

If you are looking to buy the perfect little log cabin in the forest than look no further. Here is a sweet 320 Sq. Ft. Post & Beam Cabin in the Woods and it is actually for sale! The 320 square foot cabin is listed at $124,000 and is located near Horsefly Lake, British Columbia in Canada. British Columbia is a gorgeous province to live in within Canada, it is very forested and has tons of amazing lakes and mountains to explore. This little cabin would be the perfect dwelling, and once you see the photos of it, you might think that it is too good to be true!

The cabin is a very rustic yet charming cabin with everything needed to have a little homestead. The kitchen has a large fridge and a large oven and stove, the space in the kitchen is greater than some apartments even. The open concept is great in this small cabin and works so well to incorporate the living room, dining room and the bedroom in a loft above. The home is made out of solid pine wood which is one of the more preferred woods to build log homes out of.

There are great windows allowing a ton of light into the home, and the bedroom loft is a generous size too, not like a little cubby compartment like some in cabins and tiny homes tend to be. The house does have electricity too, and has electric heat in it. There is a great porch and also a fire pit area for bon fires and cook outs. There is also phone service which is a plus! This cabin just seems like the perfect little place to live a life of simplicity, even if it is only a recreational cabin for a weekend or summers! Head over to 'Tiny House Plans' for more on this cabin, by clicking the link in the description below!

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