3167 Total Sq. Ft. Log Home With Attached Garage

3167 Total Sq. Ft. Log Home With Attached Garage

Be sure to visit the web site, EXPEDITION LOG HOMES, in order to see this 3167 Total Sq. Ft. Log Home With Attached Garage. EXPEDITION LOG HOMES designs, plans and builds log homes for people just like you, and this particular home is a vision that will help you to think creatively about your next log home. You can see this home at the web site where there are plenty of full color and large size photographs that will take you on a full tour of this log home. This home is a huge 3,167 square foot mansion. This log home will provide plenty of open space and working area, or whatever it is that you plan to do in this new log home. The first thing you might notice when you approach this log home is its grandeur. The number of windows is really impressive. There are clearly massive windows that show case every room in the front of the home. And, as well, there are sliding glass doors that, again, allow light and air in to the home. An evening shot shows just how beautifully lights can play a role in show casing the windows and openness of this property.

This particular log home design and plan is a big two stories, full and complete. The main floor of this log home runs 2,086 square feet. The second floor in this great space funs 1,081 square feet. Each level has lots of functional space to let you and your family live well. The first floor has plenty of special features. First, the garage is attached, and so you can arrive and park your vehicle without having to step out in to the wind and weather. Walk from your vehicle right in to your home. As you do, you pass through a den and mud room, as well as a wonderful sun room. In the heart of the home, you will find, appropriately, the very functional kitchen and dining room area. These two spaces are adjacent and open to each other, allowing for great integration between the two spaces. The dining room points to the fabulous great room, where you and your family as well as your guests will spend plenty of time. This space is plenty large enough to accommodate a fire place, if that is some thing that you and your family might want to design and have built for this space. It would make cold winter nights fabulous and warm.

The second floor is also very functional. There are plenty of spaces to commend this area for you and your family. One bedroom is right next to a complete wash room area, which is great. There is also an area that is open to the floor below, so that you can see and talk between floors. A catwalk is another exciting feature of this log home floor plan. A loft is part of the second floor design, as well as yet another bedroom. Still more space has been left for future development, perhaps as your family grows, or as the function of your log home needs to develop and change to accommodate your future plans. Any way you design it, this log home offers plenty of options to make it perfectly useful and comfortable for you and your family. And, the experts at EXPEDITION LOG HOMES can help you to plan, design, budget, and build whatever home you might be interested in, or any ideas that you might have already in your mind. Call them today, and start on your dream home tomorrow.

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