28ft Loft at $47K

28ft Loft at $47K

Here is a gorgeous tiny home trailer that is for sale in Delta, British Columbia. You could by a 28ft Loft at $47K! This is another great find from Tiny House Listings, where they allow people to list tiny homes they have for sale. This tiny home is actually a wonderful size, and is designed really well for optimum space. It is only 224 square feet, but the way that it's designed, makes it feel so much bigger. It goes to show that the way you use your space, is the ultimate way to make any space feel bigger than it is.

There are actually 3 bedrooms and even more space to sleep in, if there was a futon put in the living room area. There are 2 sleeping lofts that are both a very nice size, and a little bedroom off of the living room. There is one bathroom and the kitchen is tucked away nicely in a a corner, with lots of counter space and nice windows on every wall. There is even a propane stove for cooking, which is wonderful, and a mini refrigerator, but the size of the space could afford a larger one if you wanted to put one in. There is also space for a dishwasher if you needed one of those too.

There is a little wood burning or propane heater right by the kitchen that would heat up the whole house, those little things can put out a lot of heat! There's even a lazy susan in the kitchen making storing food so much easier. The bathroom is beautifully done, with lots of room to spare, and has a sink, toilet and a shower that is actually a good size for a tiny house. There are also many options you can choose from in the list, for example, you can get wood panel walls or painted walls if you prefer, you can also get the hardwood or linoleum, and can even request a futon that would fold out into a bed. This place could actually sleep 8 people if need be, and all of the people didn't mind sharing beds!

This is such a gorgeous tiny home, one of my favourite designs that I have seen so far on the Tiny House Listings website. It's even quite close to us! So now I know where to keep an eye on for our future home buying! Head on over to 'Tiny House Listings' website for this awesome house and others, by following the link in the description below!

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