$28,000 Perfectly Built Log House.. Check This Out!

$28,000 Perfectly Built Log House.. Check This Out!

This is one of the 2016 professional log/wooden houses from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Co., Ltd. These beautiful manufactured log homes cost $140 - $350 per square meter and are available to order online, making them extremely accessible. You can look through the archives of the many different prefab log houses that Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company has to offer through Alibaba's website. Alibaba is an online trading market that creates a way for companies like Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood to sell their products to a larger demographic and the world market. Most of the manufactured log homes are delivered to places in Eastern Europe and Africa, but they are available to be shipped all around the world. Businesses also purchase these manufactured log homes to sell out of their own warehouses and purchasing them online can in a mass order can also end up saving them a lot of money in the end.

Prefab housing is prefabricated housing, which means that all of the parts we pre made in a factory. Many traditional log houses are handcrafted which can take a very long time to create, whereas prefab houses are all ready to be built once they arrive at the building location. Since all of the parts and pieces have been pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-assembled and labeled, the builder should have no trouble putting the structure together. Handcrafted log houses can also cost more because you are paying for the labor and the craftsmanship. The longer a project takes, the more it will cost since you are paying for the labor as well as all of the materials. The prefab kits like this one come with everything that is needed to build the log house including floor systems, walls, doors, windows, a roof and shingles, as well as deck and patio building materials. One thing that people need to remember when buying a prefab kit is that they will have to take care of doing the foundation themselves. So the concrete needs to be done by a professional and they will need to factor that into their overall costs to build a home.

This beautiful log house model shows us a very traditional looking log home, with dormers and a stone chimney. The stone work would most likely be extra though, so that would also have to be factored in as an additional cost. Usually the interior finishings also have to be considered by the customer, as they are not a part of the building package. Kitchen cabinetry will have to be implemented and built. It would be nice to hire out the work for kitchen cabinets to a local cabinet maker that could handcraft the kitchen to the design of the house, but some people choose to also purchase their cabinetry through another prefab building store like IKEA. But as a part of the design process, it should be decided upon how large the kitchen will be and how many cabinets and how much counter space will be required.

Figuring out the design of a log home is what can take people the most time to come up with. Its all about narrowing down your options to exactly what you and your family need and want. Designing your own house can be fun, but it is also a lot of work to implement everything you need into the space while staying within your budget. A good rule of thumb to remember is, the more corners in your design, the more expensive it will be to build and generally, a simple, rectangular house will be the most affordable option. Check out all of the great prefab designs on Alibaba.***

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