28 Images For People Who Are Into Log Cabins

28 Images For People Who Are Into Log Cabins

Homes can come in all shapes and sizes, styles and designs, here are 28 Images For People Who Are Into Log Cabin. If you are really into perusing through different log cabin designs, either because you love the craftsmanship, or because you are envisioning having one of your own soon someday, this post from BuzzFeed is sure to make you happy. There are so many gorgeous homes all over the world, and log homes are definitely one of the most gorgeous styles of home out there. Having been built since ancient Roman times, they really hold a strong legacy as well, as one of the most natural, practical and durable types of building to have. Often times you will still see log cabins in little villages or off on their own in the country. They resemble peace and simplicity to the people all over the world, and are usually a place where one can find solitude and rejuvenation.

There are so many lovely cabins on here; you won't be able to choose a favourite I bet! There are some really primitive, and classic looking cabins like the handsome cabin hidden in the woods, number twenty six. This is what the cabins the settlers would have been accustomed to living in and building when they first arrived. Or how about number twenty-one? The cabin that looks so rustic, it basically blends into the background. This one actually looks like it may have been around for a while as well. Did you know that log cabins and homes can actually stand for more than one hundred years? That just shows us how extremely flexible and enduring the logs can truly be through all sorts of weather.

These days, cabins can get pretty elaborate and extensive, for example, the log house in the sixteenth photo. When you see it, your jaw will drop, that is how gorgeous it is... This one stands on pillars crafted out of stone and then has large fully intact, natural logs as the pillars for the top portion of the house. It is very impressive with three levels, and wrap around deck on two of the levels, and a balcony on the third level. The exposed log and timber looks very impressive and shows the beauty and sheer enormity of these logs. These logs could be Douglas Fir because they are so tall, and Douglas Fir trees can grow to be up to 85 feet high!

You have to love the interior photos of the cabins as well in this post. The nicely wood panelled walls, with the stone built fire places as the focal point of the room, and a lovely warm fire blazing inside of it, making the room feel so cozy and welcoming. Or the dining room inside the log cabin that looks like the perfect place to sit and have a holiday meal with family. The bedroom that looks fit for a Queen, with the beautiful white washed wood panels and the exposed wood beams stained a darker colour. The bed looks like a cloud of comfort with the white drapery canopy hanging over the top, and the clean white bedding. The bed frame, of course, is made with real logs, to suit the style of the cabin. Or the sweet little cabin in the Rocky Mountains, with the skull over top of the door. This would be the perfect little spot to live or use as a retreat spot. You will have to check out all of the others yourself and see which ones catch your eye. Could you imagine yourself living in any of them? Make sure you save the link and share it with your friends so they can see all of these gorgeous cabins too.

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