24'x24' for $27,000 Chapman Ridge House

24'x24' for $27,000 Chapman Ridge House

Tiny houses and small houses are becoming more and more popular all the time, with plenty of designs, styles and plans of tiny houses to choose from, each tiny house being unique. This "Chapman Ridge House," is a wonderful example of an original small house, using sustainable methods.

The Chapman Ridge tiny house is an upgraded version of the Chapman Ridge house that was previously show on Tiny House Blog. Located in Little Deer Isle, Maine, has 14 windows and an added room in the back used as a bathroom. This tiny house also has a steel bracket that all the structural hip elements are bolted to and a windowed cupola. This tiny house cupola allows light and ventilation to access the room. The tiny house trimmed with white and red cedar and left natural. The tiny house uses minimal glue, and no plywood or engineered lumber (so no gases are released). The tiny house has a pine floor, fastened using old fashioned cut nails and finished with boiled linseed oil.

The tiny house has a big open room with no interior walls and a high ceiling, it is a good size for a tiny house at 670 square feet. This tiny house is built using sustainable methods and sustainable building materials, and it cost the owner about $27,000 to build. This lovely tiny house is an original and is going to be used as a guest house, in the spring, summer and fall. Tiny houses, small houses and domes, yurts and gingerbread cottages can be used as guest houses, full time homes, artist studios, and backyard offices. Building a tiny house is usually reasonably priced, depending on the plan and design you choose, it is an excellent way to save money and have the tiny space that you dream of.

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