$24,800 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Adventurer Log Home

$24,800 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Adventurer Log Home

You will want to take a closer look at the cozy Adventurer log home kit from Coventry Log Homes. The Adventurer has one bedroom, one bath, and a loft for extra space. Inside the tongue and groove pine adds to the warmth and appeal of this open concept design, perfect for a weekend retreat in the woods. The Adventurer has 840 square feet of living space and is priced affordably at $42,400 for the six by eight complete package. You will want to take a look at the log home photo gallery and get an idea of the overall feel of the cabin. You could add a basement foundation for extra space, along with adding a separate one to three car garage log kit for extra storage.

The open concept design of the Adventurer log home kit is perfect for using a wood stove for heat. Using a good quality wood stove as a space heater can go a long way to help heat a space directly, unlike a central heating furnace, which supplies heat to the house through a system of ducts in the house. Using a wood stove to heat an efficiently built modern log home kit is a good way to heat an average-size log home with a single space heater, provided the wood stove is located in the main living area of the space. If you want to heat most or all of your house with a good quality wood stove, the heater should first be located in the area in which the family spends most of its time. And secondly, there should be ways for the heat to travel and flow to other parts of the house. These are easy conditions to meet and only take a bit of simple planning. You want to put your wood stove in the area you spend most of your time. Choosing the right spot for your wood stove may be the most important decision you make. The wood stove should be located in the part of the log home kit that you want to be the warmest. This is usually in the main floor area or open concept area where the kitchen, living and dining rooms are located and where the family usually spends most of their time. By locating the wood stove in this area, you will be warm and comfortable while you relax and eat meals. If you want to heat the upstairs, you don't want to put the wood stove in the basement. The basement is usually not a good location for effective space heating with a wood stove. Although the heated air from the wood stove will usually rise to the higher levels of the log home, the movement of heat is usually too slow and limited to provide any real comfort on the upper floor. To keep the main living area of a log cabin comfortably warm, the basement would be overheated, and this, in turn, will waste fuel, and the frequent high firing can damage the wood stove. Unfinished basements are typically bad locations for wood stoves because too much of the heat is absorbed into the walls and lost to the outside. Also, wood stoves that are used in basements may over-fire or smolder without the owners noticing. The basement is typically only a good location for a wood stove when the family spends a lot of time in the basement or recreation room.

The Adventurer is just one of the log home kits you will find from Coventry Log Homes. Coventry has five series of log home kits for sale with 70 models to choose from. **

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