$24,450 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Briarwood Log Home

$24,450 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Briarwood Log Home

The Briarwood log home building is a cozy two bedroom, one bath lo home that has an open dining and kitchen. The farmer's porch is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee or tea, rain or shine. This prefab log cabin kit comes from the Cabin Series of log home with Coventry, a series of log homes that have a rustic charm, with knotty pine throughout. The Briarwood 1,080 square foot log home building is priced at $49,500 for the six by eight complete log home package. The upstairs loft can be used when a guest comes to visit or for extra storage. Like any home prefab log cabin kits can be added to or expanded with kits such as a one, two or three car garage. You also might consider adding a garden shed for storing garden tools and equipment.

When it comes to building a prefab garden shed, one of the easiest and most affordable options is to purchase a prefab log cabin kit. You will find all sorts of garden shed and prefab shed kits, in diy log home plans for both wooden and plastic shed designs. Simple log cabin garden sheds and backyard sheds can be used to store a variety of garden tools and equipment to include gardening supplies, tractors, lawn mowers and more. A backyard garden shed is also a good place to keep any petrol or gas, herbicides, and pesticides that should be kept separate from the house. There are all sorts of backyard sheds you can consider, available in a variety of sizes. There are also a variety of metal garden sheds that are made out of galvanized steel overtop a steel frame. When it comes to a backyard shed, it can be a nice idea to get something to match your log home building and design. Amazingly you will even hear of some people who have used backyard log shed kits as places to live full-time (You will want first to check with your local bylaws). This would work best in log a shed that has a loft where a bed can be kept. You might also opt to use a prefab log cabin kits as a guest house. You can also find sheds that have pent or apex roof shapes. A pent roof shape is one that features a single roof section that is angled downwards so that the rainwater and snow will run off when the weather gets wet. There have never been more prefab log kits than there is today. It goes without saying that there is more than one type of prefab garden design, so you can find something that will compliment your home. Many people opt to have a smaller version of their log home to use as a garden shed, so you could find prefab log style shed, rustic log sheds, and so much more. A backyard garden shed or small log cabin can be used for a wide variety of purposes from an artist studio, writers cabin, garden shed, playhouse, backyard office and so much more.

This is just one of the real log cabins for sale with Coventry Log Homes. Coventry has five series of prefab log cabin kits to choose from with 70 models of log cabins and homes for any budget and need. Each serie3s has something a bit different from the last. Whether you need a one-room prefab log cabin kit for a weekend vacation getaway or a luxury prefab log cabin kit to live at the lake, there is a log home kit to match your needs. **

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