$24,000 Inexpensive Log House Talks About Quality and Perfection with Must See Floor Plan

$24,000 Inexpensive Log House Talks About Quality and Perfection with Must See Floor Plan

This wooden house comes with the great price of $140 - $350 USD per square meter. Made from high quality Russian Pine that comes from the mountains of Siberia, this wood will make the most beautiful prefab home. Prefab and modular housing has existed for centuries, dating back to ancient times when people were quite nomadic and needed houses that would be able to move from place to place in an efficient manor. In Mongolia, nomadic tribes created houses called Yurts to live in. When the people would need to move on to find more food and a better place to live. Usually the homes would be made out of wooden posts that were anchored in the ground, and then thick cloth was draped over top to create the shelter. The cloth would be made from animal hides from the remains of the animals they would eat for nourishment and it has always been a very important part of honouring animals, to use all parts of the animal. In North America, native tribes also used a similar idea and fashioned tipis out of wooden poles covered with painted animal hides. Both yurts and tipis were able to be dismantled and packaged up to be taken to the next place and be reassembled.

Although we don't move around nearly as much as the nomadic ancestors of our past, housing is need more than ever and prefab construction is a wonderful, affordable way to go about building homes for people to live in. Since so many homes are needed quickly, prefab construction offers a very quick way to build a home. The prefab components reduce construction time, resulting in lower labour costs and overall pricing. Prefab construction also doesn't have to be dependant on good weather and the prefab kits can be built year round in the factory setting. So the work is not affected by rain, snow or cold, and can be done anytime in the controlled environment of the factory. This controlled environment also guarantees quality control of the product that is being manufactured. There is also less wasting of materials in prefab construction since everything is planned out so well. Also, more customization can be done too working with the design technologists that work in computer drafting programs like Auto CAD and Revit.

These computer programs make it possible for the technologists to be able to manipulate the drawings easily to add on or edit the plans to customize them for the client. From a pre-existing floor plan, the client is able to have their input to tweak the plans to make it more their style and to fit their personal needs. People always like the option to customize things, especially their homes that reflect so much of our personality. These buildings are more likely to be up to building codes as well, which is an important factor to consider. All of the prefab kits created by Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company are made out of Russian Pine wood, which is a high quality soft wood that is used in many construction projects. This wood is nice and lightweight too, so it is affordable to ship. Prefab homes are able to be built by the clients themselves, that is how simple they are made. All of the materials are delivered to the building site and then the client just simply follows the directions slowly and puts all of the pieces together one by one to create their beautiful house. Have a look at this great wooden house plan and more on the Alibaba website where you will also find prefab kits for gazebos and kids playhouses.***

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