$23,000 Cheaper and Cozier Log Cabin That You Must See to Believe

$23,000 Cheaper and Cozier Log Cabin That You Must See to Believe

Have a look at this lovely high quality plastic log home for only $140 - $350 per square meter. Log home kits like this one found on the Alibaba website can be a great option for people who need a home, but don't have a lot of time to build one. Prefab housing was built during the second world war in the UK to house the soldiers going to war and then prefab housing kits were offered for soldiers returning from war so they could easily start up their family and live comfortably. One of the first prefab designs to be made was created by a man from the UK named Henry Manning. Henry was a carpenter, and the first prefab house he built was called Manning Cottage. There were several of these types of prefab buildings built in the UK and in Australia in the 1830s, and some of them even continue to stand. This is a great testimony to how durable log houses can be, and how they can stand up to storms. Some log houses and buildings have lasted up to 500 years and still stand til this day, which shows the longevity they possess.

This particular prefab log home kit from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company is a nice, simple and small log house that wouldn't take too long to build. The reason prefab housing takes less time to build than a conventional house that is constructed from scratch, is because all of the pieces and parts used to construct the prefab house are pre manufactured in the company's factory. In the controlled environment, the company employees can easily create all of the pieces that are needed to build the house. Usually they will also assemble the house in the factory to be sure that all of the pieces correspond properly and then label them and package them up for shipping. When the prefab package arrives at your property it might seem quite overwhelming to have all of these pieces laying around your lot. When you are in the process of building your log home kit, you will just want to take it a piece at a time so you don't get too overwhelmed. Some people are even able to build their own log home kits themselves on their own or with assistance from family or friends.

The wood that is used in these prefab log home kits is high quality Russian Pine from Siberia. Pine is one of the best types of wood to use for log home building and construction in general. Most lumber yards will offer a mixture of wood that is pine, spruce or fir. Some places will also offer cedar wood for extra money. Cedar is one of the more expensive options since it is a high quality wood. Western cedar for example, will also cost more if it is being used in log home kits made by an Eastern log home company. Simply because they will have to have the wood shipped from the other side of the country in order to include it in their log home kits which costs quite a bit to ship all the way out. There is not one perfect type of wood though, and each of them must be taken care of and tended to so that they don't end up getting mold or insect infestations. But all woods produce a natural toxin that repels most insects, and actually the nice aroma of the wood that you are smelling is the toxins it produces. Check out more of the lovely log home models from Alibaba.***

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