23 Magical Tree Houses We Want To Play In

23 Magical Tree Houses We Want To Play In

Let us go on a magical journey to the land of treehouses! We are talking about treehouses that will capture your imaginations. There are 23 in this series and we are naming them as follows: Shire Magic Hobbit House, Dr. Suess Dreamworld, Rapunzels tower, Rocket ship Fantasy, Boundries of Your Kingdom House, The Pirate Ship, The Golden Sphere, The Bird Nest Cave, The Burrow, The Lost Boys Fantasy Home, The Suspended A-Frame, The Zen Palace, Cargo Entry Green House, The Hagrid Hut, The Swashbucklers Hideaway, The Mad Hatter, The Secret Dreamhouse, The Littlie House on the Prarie, The Indoor Secret Spot,The Jessica Rabbit,The Tiny Red House, Adventures on the Hi-Sea,The House on top of the Tree Stump.

Okay, so those are the names as I call them. If that impressive list does not spark your imagination of what these little places look like, then I'm not sure what will. So why and when did this type of playhouse become so popular? There is no definitive reason. This type of structure is a creative outlet for those that have a tree, some time and a lot of imagination. There was a time when treehouses were built for children to enjoy and for the family to do as a project. It would seem that perhaps it is even a part of the tiny house trend to build an extraordinary little house up off the ground.

These fabulous little homes are stunning with a variety of roof styles and shapes, windows and doors that are often brightly painted or adorned with natural woodwork and fabulous ways to enter these very livable homes. Some designs are functional, some ar hung, others are bird-like in how they are situated in the trees.

They are all very exciting to the imagination. To see the pictures of these tree houses, please visit the 'Buzzfeed' website below.

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