$21,450 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Explorer Log Home

$21,450 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Explorer Log Home

Log homes and cabins often bring nostalgia to people, if you have a soft spot in your heart for these beautiful structures, you will fall in love with this smaller log cabin from Coventry Log homes. The $39,400 Explorer is one of the smaller cabins, with cathedral ceiling from Coventry Log Homes. Log houses like this one, were made before the Europeans started to settle in North America. It was the Swedish people that brought the log home building concept to North America and taught other European settlers how to build their own log houses. People back then made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment, which made trees the most convenient choice for building materials since North America has an abundance of them. These log home building techniques and methods have been passed down throughout the generations and people still continue to love living and building log houses and cabins. People also have such a strong trust in the reliability of these beautiful structures.

This log house is from Coventry Log Homes' Cabin Series, where they feature several different small log cabin packages. This smaller log cabin would be the perfect place to go for a vacation, and to have a nice retreat away from busy modern day life. This cabin has a comfortable, simple design, which is perfect for a recreational cabin, or a permanent dwelling for someone who likes to live a back to basics kind of life. The peaked roof and the porch area are so wonderful, allowing so much more space for the owners. The peaked roof gives way to lovely cathedral ceilings inside the house, which are always a welcome choice in any home. The total square footage of this log cabin model is 726 with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Great for a small family or a couple or single person. There is a loft up above for extra sleeping space and for storage, for winter and summer gear. This cabin would suit an outdoorsy type of person who loves to get back to nature and doesn't need a lot of space.

Log cabins like this were used as primary residences for families who were settling on the land. They didn't need much space, and needed to conserve heat, so homes were kept small. People would often just sleep on the floor in one room, or maybe a few people sharing a bed. This was great for space conservation and to stay warm throughout the night. They would keep their wood burning fireplaces going all day and night, just to keep the log houses warm in the cold weather. Also, since logs are so great at conserving heat, the fire's residual heat was kept in the house. Logs are also still well known for their thermal mass, and being able to keep out cold air and keep in warm air in the colder months, so this is why they were used and still used for that reason today.

So as you can see, there are many reasons why log homes are known for their cozy and familiar feeling, and why they have been honoured throughout time. something that just makes people feel right at home. There is also some research being done that shows that the relaxation felt when living or staying in a log house comes from the fact that trees whether in a forest, or in a home, are naturally soothing for humans to be around. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, log houses will never go out of style. Check out more of the small log cabin packages from Coventry Log Homes and be inspired by log cabin comfort.***

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