21 Ways to Revive the Lost Art of Porching

21 Ways to Revive the Lost Art of Porching

You will want to take a look at these 21 Ways to Revive the Lost Art of Porching. There is nothing quite like a comfy, inviting porch to enjoy a little outdoor time. While there are no rules when it comes to decorating, eating, parties, and relaxing the following suggestions are sure to go a long way in adding to the appeal of patios, decks, and backyard areas. All sorts of things can add to the appeal or your outdoor porches whether it be rustic cabin furniture, log cabin furniture, log wood furniture, rustic wood furniture, and good food; there are some things that make an outdoor area that much better.

For starters, some people just have the knack for decorating; they know how to use simple accessories and decor to make a patio, deck or porch feel just right. But with that said you can start with some basics and build your outdoor space from there. Some things that will help with the decorating of your outdoor porch, deck or backyard area include hanging plants from the ceiling as opposed to sticking to the perimeter of the outdoor area. Piling on the pillows is a great way to add texture and color to your out space. Pillows placed onto rustic cabin furniture, log cabin furniture, and log wood furniture can make you want to stay just a bit longer. You might also try and pick a perennially stylish planter, something that can stay outside throughout the seasons with some of your favorite plants.

Part of decorating your outdoor area includes having plenty of seats and tables available. That way when it comes time to serving food, you will have places to set platters and plates of food. An outdoor bar cart is a good place to start, with good seating possibly a porch swing some rustic wood furniture and a small table. Food ideas for that porch, deck or outdoor area can include an Al Fresco Feast. No utensils always work with finger foods such as a sweet pea dip and apricot prosciutto focaccia. You might try some seasonal recipe ideas such as some lime corn wheels and manchego tomato tartlets. You can serve something on a stick possibly some mozzarella wrapped in red pepper and bacon skewers. Simple dessert ideas for your outdoor patio, deck or porch space can include a cookie which recipe. Take two store bought or homemade cookies and spread your favorite jam or some marshmallow fluff in between. Then roll in some crushed banana chips or graham crackers. Serve food in style with some pretty plates and placemats. With the right food, plenty of seating and spots to set food and drinks, your favorite book and some simple card games and some music, your outdoor porch, deck and patio space will provide hours of comfort and a place to hang with family and friends. Keep your eyes open for good rustic wood furniture, log cabin furniture, log wood furniture and more. You can build your outdoor patio, porch and deck space to make it the outdoor space that you've always dreamed of.

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