20 Most Bizarre Houses Around the World

20 Most Bizarre Houses Around the World

I've recently come across some unique small and tiny homes, short buses, pre fab cottages and yurts that have honestly made me rethink the way in which we live. While looking through sites I have come across this adorable Kvivik Igloo situated in the Faroe Islands.

Quite honestly it is a place I knew nothing about, but it looks absolutely lovely. The little Kvivik Igloo sits perfectly in its waterside spot, complete with its green roof, nestled snuggly in the fog. The little igloo is small, but the more I learn about these small spaces, the more I realize we don't need as much space as we think. Of course if your tiny home or space is just used as a vacation retreat, you would need even less. Most importantly you need a place to sleep, which by day can be converted into a sitting area, and of course you will want an area to store and cook food. With a small space it really forces you to get outside and enjoy your surroundings, and in a place like this, I would never get bored of discovering the environment.

The Faroe Islands are an island group that lies between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, simply put they are between Norway and Iceland. Since 1948 the island group is Danish, the islands are self governing. The islands are about 540 square miles with a population of approximately 50000. The islands are rocky and quite rugged with close to 700 miles of coastline which consist mostly of cliffs. The vegetation consists of arctic alpine plants, wildflowers, grasses, lichen and moss. There is a lack of trees.

After seeing some photos of this beautiful place I can't help but feel inspired to travel there one day.

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