1930s Tiny Vacation House

1930s Tiny Vacation House

You'll want to see this "1930s Tiny Vacation House" it's the perfect tiny getaway to enjoy yourself. This tiny vacation house is quaint and perfect both inside and outside, not to mention being in the perfect oceanside location.

This tiny vacation house is actually an older 1930's beach hut and a newer addition combined. The older, smaller house has the living and kitchen space while the newer tiny house has a new bedroom and bathroom. Together these tiny houses combine to create a rather luxurious vacation spot within walking distance to Holywell Bay on Cornwalls north coast in the United Kingdom, the tiny houses situated on two acres of sheltered grounds that you access via a single, inviting pathway. The tiny houses are particularly charming, with plenty of outdoor living space, an airy feel inside and great seclusion, The Limit seems like a great spot to watch the waves!

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