192 Sq Ft Tiny House With Land For Sale In Colorado For $29k

192 Sq Ft Tiny House With Land For Sale In Colorado For $29k

Have you dreamed of owning your own house and your own land? Well, now could be the time to make those dreams a reality with this 192 Sq Ft Tiny House With Land For Sale In Colorado For $29k. What an amazing price for an already built house and a piece of land! Most homes cost at least $300,000 these days in the city. So this tiny house with a piece of land is only a mere fraction of what you would pay to purchase a home. This charming rustic house is located near Como, Colorado, and is surrounded by beautiful untouched landscapes. This would be the perfect home and land for a family just starting out, or a single person looking for the right piece of land to purchase to call home for themselves.

The homes is just under 200 square feet and would have enough room for a bed, and a kitchen area as well as a bathroom. Unfortunately, the only photos of it are of the exterior of the home, so it would be best to have a look at it in person, or inquire for more photos. But generally 200 square feet is an ok size of a home, especially if the buyer is cool with living in a tiny home and wants that kind of minimalist life style anyway, which more and more people are going with these days. The home is very rustic looking, but that also holds some charm though. It has a nice deck on the front of the house which would also help to extend the living space of the home, out into the outdoors. Put a patio set out there and you are good to go.

Another thing to consider is that this could be a starter home for getting situated on the land, and then it can either be built onto, or another home can always be built at the right time. With more than two acres of land, there is plenty of possibility for upgrading and future development. Solar power is also available too, which is awesome! You could really make this place fully off grid if you wanted to. Plant a garden, and grow your own vegetables, have your own solar power source and eventually use a composting toilet so you wouldn't have to rely on septic. The options are limitless. On the property you will also find a smaller shed unit that could possibly be used for a workshop or a studio. It's always nice to have extra storage space for sports equipment or tools and gardening supplies.

Imagine living in a place that is so beautiful like this. Waking up every morning and watching the sunrise, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature surrounding you. It would also make for a great ranch to have horses on, and to enjoy the country lifestyle. With plenty of land to go on hikes, and nature walks as well as riding horses, you would never get bored living out here. It is also close to Denver, so you can have the city life right there for when you need to get supplies or if you want a fun night out on the town or to be close to an airport. This place seems like it is in a great area, and is such an awesome deal. It is up for sale on Tiny House Listings where they provide listings for tiny houses all over North America. It is really worth checking out if you are looking to buy a tiny house, or to sell one, you can list yours up on here as well. Would you ever live in a place like this? Can you imagine yourself living here and making it your own? Have a look at this awesome listing, and others and make your tiny home living dream a reality!

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