$19,150 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Discoverer Log Home

$19,150 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Discoverer Log Home

The $32,100 Discoverer is another great log cabin with a great country porch for relaxing and lounging. The Discoverer log cabin model would be the perfect kit for building a log cabin out in nature. These types of small log cabins are perfect for having a simple, back to basics place to retreat to from time to time. The Discoverer is one of the 12 log cabin packages from Coventry Log Homes' Cabin Series that are all perfect for recreational use. This log cabin has one bedroom as well as a loft that could be used as a guest room, or a room for the kids. Lofts can also serve as storage space for recreational gear. A tall cathedral style ceiling in the living room area really seems to open up the space inside the cabin, providing lots of headroom. The windows also contribute to the open feeling in the log cabin, and the front porch is the perfect place to kick up your feet and chill out for the afternoon. One thing to note about this floor plan, is that there isn't a bathroom included in it. Of course, you could build a little outhouse outside and use an outdoor shower if you wanted to have the full on back to basics effect, or, you could work a small bathroom with a shower into the floor plan.

The company has more log cabin packages for sale on their website, that you can check out while you're over there. There are other categories like the Recreational series which are the sort of cabins you might see at a campground, but they can also be built for personal use. The log cabin packages in the Cabin and Recreational Series' of kits are meant for only part time use, but if you wanted to make them into a full time residence you may have to insulate them better. There is the Craftsman Series of log home building packages as well, that features the premium style log homes with availability to be custom tailored to suit each individual. The Tradesman series includes homes like the ones in the Craftsman Series, but for more affordable prices. Last but not least we have the Timber Frame option which are post and beam constructed homes, made with Structurally Insulated Panels that are prefabricated in the company's warehouse and then delivered to the site to be assembled.

One of the reasons people choose to build a log home building kit, is that they can build it themselves. These kits are easily assembled by people who have basic construction know how, and have a very approachable building system. Each piece of the kit is labeled and directions are given in a printed manual so the client can easily understand which pieces fit together and how to do that. Think Ikea building style, just on a much larger scale. The prefab industry offers people an affordable solution for housing, and paired with the self contracting, people can save a lot of money in the long run. At the end of the build, the owners are proud that they built their very own house, and it instills a deeper connection to their living environment. A log home building kit this size could take someone a month or a few to build if they were building it themselves, or shorter if they have some assistance. Small log home building kits like this one will be built fairly quickly. Hiring construction professionals is always an option to speed things up a bit, but it does cost more. Think about what your dream log cabin looks like and maybe you can find the plan through Coventry Log Homes.***

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