$19,000 Interesting Log Cabin Design That the Internet Is Buzzing Over

$19,000 Interesting Log Cabin Design That the Internet Is Buzzing Over

This new design for a wooden house comes with a great price too at only $140 - $350 USD per square meter. This prefab log house model shows that a log house can look great in any setting, including in a city. If you live in a city you know how important it is to create a quiet and peaceful sanctuary to escape from all of the hustle and bustle of the city life. Living in a log house would be the perfect way to stay connected to nature even if you live in an urban setting. Log houses have been known to help relieve people's stress levels and also help lower blood pressure. Studies have been done to show how much living in a log house improves a person's quality of life. The reasons are linked to people feeling a sense of connection to the logs which are trees, and can be equated to being in a forest which we all know is able to relieve stress and improve your mood substantially. In a city, where everything is so synthetic, it is important to have places where we can connect to nature, whether its at a park, or a river, or living in a house made out of wood from trees.

The great thing about these prefab wooden houses from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company is that they are made out of high quality Russian Pine wood and usually the wood that is used in prefab home building kits comes only from sustainable tree plantations. In the sustainable tree plantations, trees are planted and allowed to grow to a certain size and then they are chopped down and processed to be sold as logs. When a set of trees is chopped down for use, more trees are planted in their place to keep the cycle going. Since trees are a renewable resource, building log homes is a very sustainable practice, and is not harmful to the environment since it is done in a controlled environment. These tree plantations are created so that people don't chop down trees in old growth forests and ancient forests where it would be devastating to the ecosystems found in these places. All of the parts of the trees can be used for something. The ones that are used for their trunks go into making lumber and logs, and the branches are usually ground up to create wood chips for animal bedding or garden use, or to make pulp that can make paper and other items.

This beautiful log home kit comes with everything that is needed to build a house of your very own from scratch. The complete kit includes all of the windows and doors, as well as the roof system and the floor system. All the customer must produce is the piece of land and a level foundation to build it on. People can build their log home kits themselves, or they can hire someone to build it for them if they don't have the time to build it themselves. Building a prefab log home building kit will typically take less time than building a house from scratch. All of the pieces have been pre manufactured in these kits and they are usually labeled too, which makes it so much easier. Creating your own log house can be a very rewarding experience that you will be able to be proud of and be able to enjoy with your family for years to come. Check out all of the great prefab log home kits available through the Alibaba website and see which ones you like the best.***

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