19 Log Mansions You Won't Stop Drooling For!

19 Log Mansions You Won't Stop Drooling For!

Log cabins and homes are lovely to live in and logs make amazing building materials! Check out this Ranch Log Home With A Lakeside Walkout! Log cabin kits, like this one for this log home make it extremely easy to build the house of your dreams. The company, Golden Eagle Log Homes, includes all of the pre milled materials that you need to build your preferred model. You can work with whatever budget you are on, and what size of home or cabin you have in mind and before you know it, you will be living in the home of your dreams. Log cabins are a great investment because of the longevity of logs and the sturdiness of the structures they make.

This particular log home with a lakeside walk out, is a beautiful example of how simple, yet stylish log homes can be. This one is also very practical as well, the stone on the bottom of the log home will be able to last years and years and provides the perfect foundation for the log structure of the rest of the house to sit upon. Log structures also last a very long time, when taken care of properly, so if you had this log home kit, you would be set for life, and possibly have a home to pass down to your children or grandchildren!

The Golden Eagle Log Homes website has plenty of information on it regarding the homes, like this one that they sell the log home kits for. You can even finance your log cabin kit and pay it off over time. They even share information on how energy efficient log homes are, as well as planning strategies, and videos that you can view on log home building and log home building kits! Really worth checking out! Head over to 'Golden Eagle Log Homes' for more by following the link in the section below for more!

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