1840 Sqft Lilja Home Plans Click to View Floor Plans

1840 Sqft Lilja Home Plans Click to View Floor Plans

The charming 1840 Sqft Lilja Home Plan is a large log home kit that has two bedrooms on the ground floor, a utility room and enough space downstairs to build a sauna. There are three upstairs bedrooms, a full sized bathroom, and a common lounge area. You can choose the log home plan as it is, or opt to have some walls, windows or doors added or removed, and make this log home plan design just for you. It really can be fun to design your log home design.

This log home kit is a great example of the ease in which you can select your log home design, and purchase it in a log home kit that can be set up in no time at all. You can either choose to build your log cabin kit or log home kit on your own, or you can hire a builder to do it for you. House UK can help arrange for a log home builder to assist you in building your log home.

You will be amazed at all the log home and log cabin designs that you will find on this site. There are log cabin kits, log home kits, holiday lodge kits, garden log cabin kits and in law cabin kits. You can even find a log home kit that can be used as a poolside cabana for use changing and hanging out after swimming. There are so many log cabin kits on this site, for a variety of uses, the possibilities are endless. You will see the same design of certain log kits, which can be used for different things from a poolside log cabin, a garden shed or a guest house. The same log cabin designs use different colors of paint, roofing, and trim, and the places look unique and totally different. It just goes to show the versatility in these log cabin kits, and the endless array of uses they each can be used for.

Log cabin and log home kits are a sustainable option when it comes to living and extra space you might need in your life. What would you use or need a log cabin kit for? Maybe you need a backyard office space, a place where you can get away from the rest of the family, and get some work done. Or maybe you would like to have a guest house space so that family and friends have a private place of their own when they come to visit. With so many log cabin kits to be found, in a variety of sizes, plans and designs, you are sure to find something that would suit your personal needs. You may even want to build a log cabin on a piece of property to be used as a vacation home in the summer and for holidays, a place where you can get away and spend some time relaxing away from the city. If that is something you would like to do, you will want to look at some of the options on the site.

When considering a log cabin kit, you will want to think about what your needs are, your budget, and how much space you need. If you are trying to keep your costs down, then a smaller log cabin kit will work for you. You would be surprised at how little space you need when it comes down to it. If you want a tiny log cabin kit to get away on weekends, you can always have an open space plan, with one bedroom. For sleeping, you can use a pull out couch or futon, and in the bedroom, you might opt for bunks or a couple of beds. Just because you don't have a lot of space, doesn't mean you can't still do the things you want, you just have to be a little creative, and make the best use out of the log cabin space that you have. You might want to look at a tiny house site, and see what sorts of ideas you can use in your log cabin space.

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