$18,000 Knotty Pine Log Cabin Model

$18,000 Knotty Pine Log Cabin Model

I have always dreamt of owning a log cabin in the woods. Log cabins are just so rustic and cozy. But, log cabins can also be very expensive, with some of the beautiful luxury cabins we often see in pictures costing upwards of $500,000. However, my dream seems more attainable with this Knotty Pine Cabin by Panel Concepts, affordably priced as low as $20,000!

Panel Cabins began the business of do-it-yourself panel cabins back in 1996 and have since grown to offer a line of panel cabins that range from small camping/hunting/fishing cabins to larger cottages for all seasons. Some of their smaller cabin kits can be assembled in just one day, but Panel Cabins engineers each of their cabins to the customers specifications. Most of their cabins only require a minimum tool set and no heavy equipment is required, making construction much simpler than your typical log cabin. Panel Concepts offers different cabin kits, including the Knotty Pine cabin, Clark Fork Timber cabin, Economy Timber Cabin and the Oak Ridge Timber cabin, each with many different models and with a large variety of optional accessories and furniture available, including bedroom and patio furniture as well as composting toilets. They have basic models and single units can actually be joined together for an unlimited variety of floor plan layouts. These cabins really are fully customizable.

But what is knotty pine? Knotty pine is a type of timber that is often used to construct homes with country accents or with a rustic or Western theme. The wood is distinctive due to the large knots (or defects) which make striking patterns when the wood is used on walls, flooring or cabinetry. Knotty pine is not generally used in vital structural applications because pine is a soft wood and the knots can cause splitting, breaking or bowing. However, for decorative purposes the wood is more than suitable. Knotty pine is particularly popular in cabins and rural retreats and there are many manufacturers who produce artificial wood paneling to copy the bulls-eye look of knotty pine.

There are over 100 species of pine trees across the Northern and Southern hemispheres. As the trees mature they grow out as well as up, ultimately subsuming branches within their trunks and this is how the knots are formed. The scarred areas around these knots are generally unusable for structural timber. Likely it was builders attempting to make use out of otherwise non-functional wood who first realized the ornamental potential of knotty pine. While knotty pine is most often used on walls or cabinets, it also appears as flooring but pine is a soft wood and creating floors from pine isnt advisable unless they are carefully conditioned and varnished to help prevent dents and other possible damage.

The log panel kits from Panel Concepts include a variety of items, including wall panels with insulation already installed, roof panels with soffit vent, insulation and roof sheathing installed, a fiberglass door, insulated windows, log siding exterior, trims and beams, as well as a covered porch. Kits, however, do not come with foundations or flooring. Their basic model for this Knotty Pine cabin starts at 12 x 12 (144 square feet) and comes to under $20,000 for the base and the roof. Cabins in this Knotty Pine variety range up to about $60,000 and can include additional options such as loft kits and stairs and railings, taking the guesswork out of all of your construction requirements. All you need to do is pick your floor and leave the rest up to Panel Concepts.

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