18 Tiny House Designs that You Won't Believe Until You See

18 Tiny House Designs that You Won't Believe Until You See

Get inspired by these 18 Tiny House Designs from Tiny House Design, a platform that shares tiny house designs and information. Tiny houses on wheels are becoming more and more popular as the years go on. With the current economic status and so many people not being able to afford to purchase a house or have a mortgage, tiny houses are a wonderful, affordable option. A tiny house can cost as little as a brand new car depending on the size, the materials used to build it and the design. But there are even more reasons why tiny houses on wheels are a great choice to make. In America, houses have not only gotten larger, but families are smaller than ever which means that many people own houses that have more space than they will ever need. This over consumption of electricity, gas and water contributes to the carbon footprint we are creating by living. Living in a tiny house which is a fraction of the size of a conventional 1000 square foot or more house, not only decreases the owner's living expenses but also decreases their individual carbon footprint, which is something that anyone can be proud of.

One of the most crucial steps of building a tiny house on wheels is to decide on a design. Choosing a design for a home can be daunting especially with all of the great tiny house designs available out there. Just in this segment from Tiny House Design's website, there are 18 tiny house design plans to choose from which can make it a tough choice. When considering to build a tiny house on wheels, you have to factor in your basic needs and desires. Just like when you are building any house, you decide where the bedrooms, or in this case sleeping lofts will be, and how many you will need. In the planning out of tiny house designs, there needs to be a lot of strategy that goes into planning the layout and floor plan of the house so that it has the best functionality and is a practical, comfortable living environment. Consider things like will you want a bathtub in your tiny house? Do you need laundry in your home? How will you heat your house? What types of materials do you want to build your house with? Make lists and decide together with your partner or any other family members that will be living together in it with you. Usually, a tiny house on wheels can be no more than 400 square feet so it is acceptable for three people to live in together or maybe four if it was a larger model and usually two of the inhabitants will be adults and if there are any additional members, they are small children.

These tiny house design plans are mostly 20 to 24 feet long and have a variety of different styles. The most noticeable difference in the tiny house design plans is the type of roof that they have on them. The roof pitch could be a conventional gable roof, a gambrel style roof like you would see on barns or a shed roof that is a one sided pitch. The smallest design featured on Tiny House Design is a ten by 12-foot design that has a cute sleeping loft and would be very easy to pull behind a truck. Something like this one would be great for one person to live in. The larger designs get to be up to 24 feet in length with up to two sleeping lofts and much more space for the bathroom and kitchen areas. Check out more of the awesome plans and be inspired.*

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