175 Year Old Cabin A Testament To Log Cabin Craft With Must See Interior

175 Year Old Cabin A Testament To Log Cabin Craft With Must See Interior

Feeling like stepping back in time and escaping to a much simpler way of life where you can leave behind all the stresses of modern day life? Well here is your perfect place to recharge. A quaint and cozy cabin tucked away in the woods that dates back to the 1800s if you can believe it! The couple Jan Paul and Tammy Donelson, were taken to this piece of land by their realtor and said they both instantly fell in love with the cabin and property. Its clear to see how they could love it so much! The very rustic vintage cabin has such a unique charm to it and so many memories stored in the wood itself from over 100 years ago when it was first built.

It was moved onto the land by a previous owner in the 70s and waited all this time to be refurbished and renewed by Tammy and Jan Paul. Good thing Jan Paul is a registered architect and distributer for a log and timber home manufacturing company. The cabin had good bones they said, but it really needed some love and attention. It looks so beautiful now, with all the lovely things they have put into it. New paint on the walls and all the trinkets and accessories they have collected over the years. The couple also rents the cabin out on Air Bnb as well so you could actually stay here if you wanted to!

I just love stories like this, and hearing about people who take the time and energy to restore such a beautiful piece of history and show that not everything needs to be new to be beautiful. This cabin definitely shows us that. Check out the full story and some great photos! Head over to Country's Best Cabins ' by following the link in the description below for more!

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