17 Tiny Dream Homes Under 200 Square Feet

17 Tiny Dream Homes Under 200 Square Feet

The tiny house revolution has begun and has taken off with great gusto! So many people are turning to more simple values and realizing that owning a big house with a big mortgage is not the 'American Dream' any more. Here are 17 Tiny Dream Homes Under 200 Square Feet, that you can see for yourself what it's like for people to live in these tiny structures happily! In this great article written by Huffington Post, you will see a wide variety of homes under 200 square feet! You will be able to see all the different types of materials they are built out of and how people have made them into a style all their own.

Its really quite amazing when you think about it, how this movement has caught on and spread across the nation so quickly, its a way of people being able to take their power back into their own hands and be able to afford a life that isn't dependant on paying back on a home that you could not afford in the first place. This is a list of truly unique and stylish homes all so different in design and style.

There is one that is made out of a shipping container, which I have seen before and think is a neat idea. There are so many of those units that are used and could be recycled! What a great idea that would be to house the homeless as well. There are so many awesome houses you can order to be made for you in this article too. That would take out some of the design and permit stress, having all the plans ready and made. Even if you are not interested in going as small as 200 square feet, this is an awesome post to check out and see the progression in the tiny house movement!

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