17 Things You Can Do to Earn a Steady Income from an Off-Grid Home

17 Things You Can Do to Earn a Steady Income from an Off-Grid Home

I think there comes a time for everyone when our inner adventurer urges us to pull up stakes, put our thumbs to the wind, and explore the hidden gems of the world. Live off-grid for a while, and get back to the land. Unfortunately, such a romantic notion is usually followed by a swift realization that such an instinct is terribly impractical - sure, it's lovely to think about, but we all have real-world demands. Namely, we need to make money. But what if you were to discover that living off-grid can provide practical opportunities for revenue generation? What if you could make money living your adventurous dream?

Many people go into off-grid living because of the benefits it provides to the environment. Others do it to get away from the cities and seek inspiration in nature. What many people don't realize, though, is that this unconventional lifestyle opens up opportunities for certain niche markets.

For instance, did you know you could grow fruits and vegetables and sell them to local restaurants? Curtis Stone, the man who founded Green City Acres, makes up to $100,000 working a mere three seasons of the year this way. The even more surprising fact is that his business name is a bit of a misnomer - he actually generates all this revenue by farming only about a third of an acre.

Why stop there? There are all kinds of things you can manufacture, once you have some land to call your own: from clothes, to furniture, to soaps and cleaning products, there are lots of opportunities for you to pursue. You could even become a blacksmith.

All of this is to speak nothing of the huge tourism market. If you can set up some extra cabins, you could rent them out nightly to all the people who share your adventurous instinct. You could be a hunting or fishing guide, or host retreats. You could become a wildlife instructor. Or, if you're more creatively inclined (and close enough to a farmer's market), you could pursue life as an artist. You can't get a much more idyllic life than being an artist living off grid, can you?

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