$15 per Square Foot, That is So Cheap for This Prefab House, Approx 1500 Sqft = $22,500

$15 per Square Foot, That is So Cheap for This Prefab House, Approx 1500 Sqft = $22,500

This charming 2016 new design wooden prefabricated construction can be purchased starting at US $140 to $350 per 10 square feet. This tiny prefab design has a front covered porch, and a side porch, lots of wood and windows in a home that could be used as a vacation home, guest house, artist studio or for full time living. The good thing about prefabs is that most of the work has been done for you, so you only need to either build it yourself or get someone to build your prefab for you. Each prefab design comes with a detailed instruction manual, specific to each prefab design. Because a lot of the work has been done for you, that means you can start using your prefab design that much sooner.

Prefabs and modular homes seem to be more popular than ever before. And it's no wonder as there are plenty of benefits to prefab designs, from the price, the convenience, the variety of prefab options to choose from. Because prefabs are constructed in factories, they can be built more quickly than standard home builds. Prefab homes can typically be built in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months because there are no weather delays. On top of building more quickly, home inspections are performed at the factory during each phase of the construction process by a third-party inspector and are completed before the prefab home kits are transported to their permanent locations. It is important to know that some of the more complicated prefab home designs and specs, will cost you more. Both modular and panel built homes qualify as prefab homes, but there are differences between the two. Panel building homes are accomplished by laying down the floor and then lowering each section of wall into place one at a time. Panel prefab homes are the type of construction that can be useful in building houses that dont work neatly as modules and it can be just as structurally sound as other types of prefabricated homes. Panel building prefab is great for commercial prefabricated buildings as they allow for wide open spaces and high ceilings. Panel board prefab designs are also much less expensive to transport in panels than in modules if they are large enough. Modular prefab homes are lowered into place by a crane. With prefab modular homes, the house is constructed in separate box-like modules which are then secured together to form a whole house. Since the modules need to be transported on the backs of flat-bed trucks over highways, they have to be no longer than the truck and no wider than 16 feet. This used to mean that every room a prefab modular house had to be less than 16 feet wide, but with new technology, old barriers in modular buildings are breaking down, and prefab modular houses are becoming customizable. Prefab homes are built indoors in indoor factory-like settings. The finished prefab home designs are then covered and transported to their building locations, where they are then assembled by a builder. A prefab home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home that is built off-site, as opposed to building it on-site.

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