15 Foods You Can Re-grow From Scraps

15 Foods You Can Re-grow From Scraps

Looking for a cheaper, healthier, way to eat while cutting down on bucketfuls of waste? Ever consider growing your own food? If youre already doing that great! But if you want to grow even MORE food while getting the most out of what you already have, then youll definitely want to check out this article: 15 Foods You Can Re-grow from Scraps!Lets face it; food these days does not come cheap! But it does grow on trees, so to speak. And who wants to buy over-processed veggies bursting with additives and pesticides, anyway? Yes, going organic can cost a bit to start with, but if youre able to save your seeds and salvage vegetable waste in these clever and ingenious ways, you may never have to go to a supermarket ever again!

For example, have you ever given celery a second thought? Do you have any idea how easy it is to re-grow the stalks after youve eaten them? Its so ridiculously simple, youll be embarrassed that you hadnt thought of it yourself! Just save the base. Cut it off as soon as you harvest or bring home your celery and put it in a bowl with a wee bit of water at room temperature. Keep this bowl in the sunlight as much as possible at the beginning. Pretty soon, youll see new leaves starting to grow! Thats when youll need to plant it in the soil so the stalks can start to grow. Before you know it, youll have a whole new bunch and can start the process all over again!

Avocado is super healthy but the organic kind can truly cost a lot. Now you can grow your own supply simply by salvaging and washing the seed. Using a few toothpicks, suspend it over water in a jar, making sure the bottom of it (about an inch) is submerged. Put the jar in a warm place out of direct sunlight and check it every day! It may take several weeks, but at some point you will start to see roots growing out of the bottom and a stem rising from the top! When the stem reaches 6 inches, cut it down to 3, and when leaves start showing up, thats your cue to plant it in some soil. Do ensure that you leave the upper half of it above the surface. Another excellent example of growing food from scraps is ginger! Ginger root is an extremely healthy source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and can be used for a variety of health ailments too. For example, ginger tea can really help with stomach upsets. Organic ginger can be astronomically expensive, but if youre willing to buy just one root, you will be able to re-grow it time and time again. All youve got to do is plant a piece of your ginger root in the soil, making sure the buds are pointing upwards. In a very short time, perhaps even a week or so, youll notice some new shoots popping up. If you check the roots at this point, youll see a whole new supply! Save a bit of this new rhizome to re-plant while you consume the rest. Its that easy.

These were just a few ideas to whet your appetite. Be sure to check out the whole article for lots of other great growing food from scraps tips and tricks!

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