15 Amazing Tiny Homes

15 Amazing Tiny Homes

There are so many beautiful and inspirational tiny homes out there, these 15 Amazing Tiny Homes are some of them! Tiny homes have been making waves across the nation and it seems that everyone is starting to want one for their own. They are fairly easy to build or have built for you. You can also use really high quality materials because you will save more money by going small anyway, because you won't need as much of whatever material you are using. For example, you could go for the expensive fancy tile that you really like, and because the bathroom is so small anyway, you won't need to use a lot of them.

These particular houses will inspire you so much! I love the Elegant home on the lake. I love the way it's glowing in the night, the orangey glow of the fire looks so beautiful on the outside looking in. Plus, the dock is great! Steps from the front door is the dock leading into the house. This would be and awesome place to be in the summer. The Modern 800 square foot green coloured one is beautiful too. 800 square feet is a great sized space as well.

The huge white egg is out of this world! A house shaped like an odd egg. It even shows you what it looks like on the inside, and there is so much shelving to make use of for clothes. It really looks like something from a Science Fiction movie! I wonder what type of material they use to make it. It's always so cool to see the concepts and ideas for designs people come up with these days. I think my favourite would have to be the Tiny Lake House or the Neighbour Outback. I love the old traditional style like a cabin style, but I also really love the new, more modern look of the black house.

I always find it inspiring to check out the tiny homes that people live in, and see how they make it all work out. I love the use of different materials that aren't really used in conventional style building too. The imagination and creative energy that goes into building one of these is amazing, each and every little angle has to be thought out precisely to make use of the space fully. The tiny house revolution is well on it's way! Head over to 'DIY Cozy Homes' to check all 15 out by following the link in the description below!

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