$14,000 Simple yet Stunning Log House That People Can't Get Enough Of

$14,000 Simple yet Stunning Log House That People Can't Get Enough Of

This professional prefab house comes for the great price of $140 - $350 US $140 - $350 per square meter. This particular prefab house is a cozy and simple wooden home. It is a smaller home, that may have enough room for 1 or 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Inside you could design it with an open concept kitchen and living room area to create the illusion of more space inside the home. The patio doors on the front of the model open right up to the outdoors, and there is also potential for a beautiful deck to be built at the front of the home, and to wrap around the side of the home. There is also a second level on the house, which has its own balcony patio space. Great for those early mornings waking up and enjoying some fresh air. The total square footage of the home doesn't look to be more than 600 square feet. Although it is small, it is perfect for a small family, a couple or a single person to use full time or to use as a recreational house. People are realizing that less is actually more and they are more intrigued with living a life of quality over quantity. There are also larger prefab houses on their site if you need a larger home to live in. This prefab model could also be used as a rental unit on your property to have some extra income coming in.

The wonderful thing about log homes is that they have some benefits over conventional dry wall homes. Wood homes and cabins are considered to be very sustainable, as they are made from natural renewable materials that come from the Earth. Most of the logs used to build these log homes and cabins come from sustainable tree plantations, where the use of the trees is monitored. When a certain batch of trees is used, more trees are planted in their place to create more materials. The regulations exist to keep ancient old growth forests thriving with their ecosystems intact. Wood cabins and houses are not just a great and sustainable choice, they also last a long time when they are maintained well. Wood houses are known to stand for hundreds of years. Wood and log houses also have the ability to affect people's health in a positive way. Wood and logs when used in housing are known to lower stress levels and lower blood pressure. The reason being is that wood emulates the same effects as being in a forest surrounded by living trees. Forest bathing is a practice that is commonly done in Japan, and it has been known to lower feelings of anxiety and it promotes good health and mental well being.

Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company is the manufacturer of these lovely prefab houses. The company manufactures the prefab houses in their factory piece by piece and then assembles the prefab home model and labels all of the pieces so that they are easily assembled. The company creates prefab construction wood cabins and homes, but also, they manufacture car ports, gazebos, kid's play houses, storage units, garden houses, and more. On the Alibaba website, which is the distributor of these wooden homes from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company, also sells other brands of prefab wooden cabins and homes. Just have a look on their website at all of the various floor plans and models they offer for great prices. Prefab houses are becoming a more popular option for people to purchase if they need a home since the client is able to build it themselves. Check out more models and see which one you would choose.***

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