1400 Square Foot Log Home Design (the Springfield) for $125K.

1400 Square Foot Log Home Design (the Springfield) for $125K.

Imagine the possibilities, a 1400 Square Foot Log Home Design (the Springfield) for $125K. The Springfield is one of many floor plans available through eLog Homes. As a matter of fact you can have any one of over 300 floor plans through eLo gHomes. With so many to choose from you'll be able to find something perfect for your family.

As a quality provider of your dream home, eLog Homes will work with you to make your dream a reality all while staying within your budget and keeping affordability front of mind. So you can order a full set of blue prints for only $299.95 and then begin customizing to suit your needs. The folks at eLog Homes have extensive experience working with homeowners of all kinds and they stand by you every step of the way. From the initial purchase of the blue prints right through to the day of completion you will have a constant resource available.

Some people choose to build their home themselves, however you may also want to enlist the help of a qualified contractor. Either way, take your time, do your homework and the end result will be a home you can be proud of for many, many years to come.

Once built your biggest decisions will be that of what color couch to buy or whether you want to embrace the adventure of garage sales to find vintage treasures to adorn your space. The fun of this part of the process will certainly make any stressful parts of the build pale in comparison. Typically what happens with interior design and log cabins is they almost always tend to be an eclectic mix of rustic charm partnered with modern conveniences. A little space where you can feel as though the busyness of the week has all but washed away as you set foot through the front door. You have that Ahhh moment where everything feels right in your world. Best of all, rekindling family moments and spending special time with your spouse will become a regular part of your day. You'll reap the advantages of this time for many, many years to come. The generations that follow will have this place to call home and just as families grow and change so to will your cabin. Overtime you'll see it as a source of joy for all who enter and it will become a space as unique and special as your family.

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