14 Wicked Awesome Tiny Houses You Won't Believe People Live In

14 Wicked Awesome Tiny Houses You Won't Believe People Live In

Countless innovations have already been made to accommodate citizens for numerous reasons, may it be to add a flare for dream living or simply for useful accommodations in a rather populated city. Interior designers are releasing so many unique ideas to generate attention and appreciation towards the many things art and greater minds can do.

One significant example is the Mineral house in Tokyo, Japan. An all-white, geometrically-shaped structure created by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita. It is a 480 sq. ft. Multi-Faceted originally called 'The Reflection of Mineral', the house integrates transparent and opaque surface to reflect its interiors with light. Another ingenious work from the famous Japanese ateliers is the popular 'TUTU house', a tall, thin three-storied structure house classically painted in black with simplistic design inside that enables the house to appear even bigger than it actually is. This was created by Satoshi Kurosaki.

For the travelers and downtime explorers, there exist a Prefab Shipping Container residence manufactured by MEKA. It is advertised as good for shipping and good for living, as well as Earthquake and Hurricane-proof. The structure boasts of patented, re-engineered materials that may adapt to any weather and climate conditions.

Busy individuals who wish to make use of a simple space for working purposes can benefit from an Open-concept Office. It looks like a tiny, cranked-up cubicle that is great as a business-critical platform. It reduces interruptions and paves the way for a better sense of privacy and personal space. The only downside to this as some experts agree on is that the office pod lacks the stimulation made by an open environment that may cause a total nightmare for some, introverts and not.

The most tiny, unique house that will probably be the 'Element Tiny House', created by MOS Architects. Its appearance is that of a prefab, modular house that is entirely modern-looking. The concept is that to make the house possible for combination in multiple ways to accommodate different kinds of inhabitants but will look more flattering in the Fibonacci Sequence, which is the basic geometry present in many organic structures.

More tiny houses include the Tetra-shed Compact Pod, Holyoke Cabin, Denizen Sauna, L41 House, Studiomama Beach Chalet, Bauhaus Barge Houseboat, Banyan Tree House, and Wheelhouse Wedge Cabin. A more detailed descriptions of each can be found at the 'Webecoist' website below.

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