$13,000 Attractive Log House for People Who Want to Save Big, Relax and Enjoy Views

$13,000 Attractive Log House for People Who Want to Save Big, Relax and Enjoy Views

Living in a home of your own is very rewarding. Building a professional cheap prefabricated wood house like this one from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company, is a great way to build a home. These prefab homes only cost between $140 and $350 US per square meter, which isn't too bad of a price. There are about 10 square feet in 1 square meter, so a home that is under 1000 square feet would be around 93 square meters. So one of the smaller homes could be as little as $13,000 for a prefab home kit. Small house design is getting to be more popular as well, and it is a good thing because smaller houses definitely cost less money to build. More and more people are turning to small house living and are purchasing prefabricated construction kits like this one to build their homes affordably and efficiently. This is one of the smaller designs from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company, but they have midsize houses and really large houses as well. The prefab houses offered through Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company are sold through Alibaba, an online world trading market. People can purchase houses, gazebos, garden sheds, children's play houses and more through this online market and they have customer service representatives standing by to message with people about their questions and concerns.

All of the prefab home kits come with all of the necessary components needed to build the model you see in the photos. All of the lumber is Russian Pine that is of the highest quality and solid wood. The pieces of the prefab home are cut to length in the factory and then the house is assembled and the pieces are each labeled. The pieces are individually labeled so that when the customer goes to build their house, all of the pieces are easy to match up and put together. There are also directions that come with the prefab packages as well. Items like windows, doors, the roof, flooring, and the deck are also all included in the price of the prefab package. You can see on the Alibaba website how the building is constructed in the factory and then packaged up to be shipped off to it's final destination. Most of the company's prefab packages are shipped domestically within China, or they are popularly shipped to Northern Europe and Africa.

One of the main things that you will want to sort out first with your home building project is the size and the floor plan. You can decide these things by how many rooms you need, and how many bathrooms you would need. Other things that you can factor in is the size of the kitchen and the living room. The more popular style these days is to allow for an open concept main living space which helps people to interact easier. Plus, less walls means less money in the long run for the overall cost of the project. Wood and logs are a beloved building material that has always been used throughout history. There are many wood buildings that had been built hundreds of years ago that are still standing too, which makes us realize how durable this building material can truly be. Standing up to heavy rain, wind and snow, there is no doubt that wooden buildings can take on a lot. Even in earthquakes, wooden buildings are able to remain flexible with the shifting of the earth and they will not crumble as easily as brick or stucco would. Check out all of the great prefab home kits available on the website, and see which ones appeal to your taste.***

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