1300 Sqft Log Cabin Kit for just $23,000 for Auction on Ebay

1300 Sqft Log Cabin Kit for just $23,000 for Auction on Ebay

Can you imagine buying this 1300 Sqft Log Cabin Kit for just $23,000 for Auction on Ebay? It's hard to believe that you can purchase a log home off of Ebay, but you can. Buying your future log home off of Ebay, takes your online purchases to a whole new level, now you can really say you shop online!

This beautiful log cabin kits known as the 'Hall Fork' is a 1,296 square foot log home prefabricated kit. The Hall Fork log cabin kits are designed for people who want a lot of living space at an affordable price. This log home plan features a convenient laundry area on the first floor, a loft that can be used as an office or a fourth bedroom, and if you want you can add a side door where an attached garage could be later built. This log home has a breakfast nook in the dining area, two front dormers, and a full length front porch where you can enjoy lots of fresh air everyday. The front porch on this log home offers lots of charm to this lovely log home kit.

This log home kit has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, making it a good space to raise a family comfortably. This log home kit is also available in a Deluxe shell package that includes the logs and siding, a timbered roof, a fully timbered loft, and a porch system. The tongue and groove material for the loft floor and the ceiling, the ceiling insulation, and all the caulk, fasteners, and gasket.

The D-logs for the log home kit are machine cut, and kiln dried White Pine logs. This log home kit can be built by yourself, or the company will build a shell for you at an additional charge. You can also choose to purchase the log home kit, and then hire a contractor to build it for you. This log home company has a wide variety of other log home kits available, ranging in size from 400 square feet to 4,000 square feet to help you with the custom log home design of your dreams.

If you owned a log home what would you use it for? You might choose to live in a log home full time like many people do. Log homes and log cabins are a durable and comfortable type of home that people have been building and enjoying for years. You might also dream of purchasing a log home or log cabin to put up on a piece of property beside the lake, a place that you could enjoy for family holidays, and weekends away from the city. There is just something about a log home or log cabin, which we can't resist. When you are in a log home, you feel comfortable and at home, something that not all houses can achieve. Even if a log home is modern and contemporary, there is something about the use of natural materials in a build that makes us feel calm and comfortable.

With so many log home and log cabin designs, styles, plans and sizes to choose from, you might have trouble just picking one that you like the best. Before making any big log home purchases, you want to do your research on the different types of log homes out there, the different log home builders, and what sort of maintenance and work goes into them. Did you know that there is a good chance you will save money on your utility bills if you own a log home? Depending on the width of the logs, you might save up to thirty percent on utility bills, which says a lot when it comes to why people love log homes. Log homes are also a greener choice of home build, as they are made out of a resource that is renewable.

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