13 Log Home that You Won't Want to Miss

13 Log Home that You Won't Want to Miss

There is something so special about living in a log home, knowing that it was built with materials that came from the Earth. Have a look at this Covered Porch On A Full Log Home! Log home and cabin building kits are available through a wide variety of companies these days and you can get anything from a bare bones home, very inexpensively, or you can opt to order and add on as many things as you like! Golden Eagle Log Homes is a great company to buy log cabin and home building kits, with all of the materials pre milled and ready to be put together to create your very own log home!

The covered porch area on this home is a lovely area, and would be awesome for in the summer months, to sit outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Having a porch is always a wise investment on a home, it not only provides a welcoming area for guests arriving at your home, it gives you and your visitors a great place to relax and be together. The porch of a home really extends the living area of the whole home, so its really a good choice to put one on your home. You will get so much use and enjoyment out of it for years!

Golden Eagle Log Homes, has some really great plans, all of which either include porches, or have an option to add porches onto them for a little bit extra. You could always try to build the porch or deck yourself, it's not too difficult, but its nice to get it from the same company who you go the rest of your building supplies from, so that they can match the house and have a continuous flow! Head over to 'Golden Eagle Log Homes', and check out all of their designs, by following the link in the section below!

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