13 Awesome Wrap Around Porch Log Homes

13 Awesome Wrap Around Porch Log Homes

Log cabin homes just have a special way of reuniting us with all of the good things in life. Golden Eagle Log Homes is providing so many people with the opportunity to do just that, while fulfilling their life time dreams. And why not consider a log cabin home with a wrap around porch like this one? Not only will you have tons more space, youll also have the beautiful shelter of the steel roof over your head.

Golden Eagle Log Homes is located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin and its humble beginnings can be traced back almost 50 years. Thats when husband and wife team Wally and Marlace Parmeter started up their own building supply center. After working in the building products industry for several years, the Parmeters thought theyd acquired enough hands-on experience to give their life-long dream a go. They would build their very own log home!

This had been their shared vision for many years, to build a log cabin home together, a wonderful place where their boys could grow up. Slowly, they began to scan their property for the appropriate wood. They would then cut and carefully dry the timber. Everything was done with tremendous loving care. After a year of this careful selection, the Parmeters started building their new home.

The log cabin construction caught the attention of locals right from the very beginning. People would stop and watch as the new home took shape, impressed by the Parmeters attention to every detail. Before too long, many were asking Marlace and Wally if they could help them build their log home as well! And so, when their own home was finished, the Parmeters began what they called a new side business, Golden Eagle Log Cabins. Within a short time, this little side business literally overtook the building supply business and became their mainstay!

Want to learn more about Golden Eagle Log Cabins? Then head on over to the Golden Eagle Log Homes website by following the link in the description below!

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