13 Amazing Things To Do With Empty Bottles In The Garden

13 Amazing Things To Do With Empty Bottles In The Garden

Being an environmental friendly and crafting can be combined by recycling things so instead of throwing your empty wine bottles or just keep it in your warehouse, why dont you start to be creative and artistic to recycle these messy bottles that can help you to enhance your garden or for your house to be more look decorated.

Here are the simple things that you can make out of empty bottles:

1.Transform it into wine lantern that you can place in your garden by simply breaking the glass equally into two parts, then light a candle inside it to create a beautiful glowing light.

2.You can use this as garden frame to create a division to your plants and separate them in a nicest way.

3.Use it as guiding path lights by inserting a holiday/Christmas lights inside a bottles.

4.Reuse this as self-watering planter that can be very useful for you to keep your flowers good and fresh.

5.This can also be used as water fountain as a beautiful design in your garden.

6.You can make your own customized bird feeder out of these bottles.

7.Since bottles can be used as musical instrument you can recycle these bottles as wind chime for harmonic ambiance in your place.

8.If you have ornaments at home and want to decorate them easily, just use colored empty bottle then submerge this inversely in your flower bed.

9.Some torch are also made from empty bottles, so if you want you can also make your own bottle torch that you can also use as decoration or for emergency purposes.

10.If you have plants and flowers that love warm surroundings, you can use bottles to make DIY hot bed to absorb sunlight to make your flower bed warmer.

11.Instead of plastic feeder you can now recreate an attractive and fancy hummingbird feeder from used bottles by simply customizing it according to your style.

12.Bottles when expose to sunlight can give a cool reflection so you can reuse empty bottles as sun catcher to decorate your area.

13.Recycle these bottles as wine bottle drip feeder can be useful to save time instead of watering your plants every day.

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