121 Homesteading Skills For the Modern Homesteader

121 Homesteading Skills For the Modern Homesteader

There are people who are focusing on the latest and greatest in technological advancements, on what we can improve upon and make better, but sometimes, we only need to look into our past for great ways to do things! Here are 121 Homesteading Skills For the Modern Homesteader! Many people are wanting to become more sustainable in the way that they live. This doesn't just mean growing our own food, recycling, and the like, it means having a mindful and sustainable approach to all things in life. You start to live wit hthe philosophy that you want to see if you can make it, fix it, borrow it or trade for it before you buy anything new. This is the true way of being sustainable and environmentally conscious, because we are making sure to keep as many things as we can out of landfills, and not accumulating a bunch of new stuff either.

So it is important that we look back on the art of homesteading, that probably just goes back as far as our grandparents or even parents, depending on where you grew up. There are so many ways that you can practice the art of homesteading, and it is a wonderful thing to practice, that makes you feel more connected to the things that you have and eat. You learn so much about how to make and fix things, and you learn that you can save so much money by living this way, so you can even possibly give up your full time job and live off of a smaller income, or maybe one day become fully sustainable.

This is a great compilation from Pioneer Settler, that helps you to learn so many different homesteading skills that will become an asset to living a sustainable life. There are links that lead you to learn about how to can your own produce, so that you can enjoy it year round, how to bake your own bread, which comes in very handy. You can also learn how to compost, make your own dog food for your furry family member, how to make your own beauty products. A link that helps you learn about permaculture, which is an amazing way of planting a garden and working with the plants and the Earth. Also how to plant a tree and properly chop it down to use for wood. Even how to assist in animal birthing processes, and how to keep bees and harvest your own honey!

You can also learn basic carpentry skills, which will come in very handy for many things. Then, the always important, how to purify water and keep it in a still. You can even learn to read the weather believe it or not!!! This can help you with planting and harvesting your crops among other things. You can also learn how to forage for food and learn the difference between poisonous and non poisonous plants. There are so many things you can learn all right here from this list! You will feel so much more ready and able to go out there are be self sustainable, and you can be prepared for anything!

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