$12,000 Shed To Tiny House Conversion

$12,000 Shed To Tiny House Conversion

Oh, it’s something we’ve dreamed of doing for many years now – every time we see a cute little garden shed, we think: “wouldn’t that make a sweet little tiny house?” And once again, we see someone else has done just that. They’ve transformed a wee little garden shed into their very own living quarters. Here’s a great article about a $12,000 shed-to-tiny house conversion.

The tiny house movement is on-the-grow and it’s truly building momentum. Really, with the world population exploding into the stratosphere – 7 billion and counting - what choice do we really have? Go small and go home; it’s a no-brainer, really.

Seriously, many factors come into play when it comes to the growing popularity of tiny houses. Many are struggling economically, are dealing with astronomical debts, and the entire real estate industry has become shaky at best. Owning a large luxury home – or two or three – just doesn’t make sense anymore. Who needs all of that space and all of that stuff, anyway? In the end, it only creates more financial headaches and weighs us down. It’s clearly time to start taking stock of our true values and to consider new ways to live – ones that are feasible, practical, and don’t tax the earth we live on. In the midst of all these changes, tiny house living just makes sense.

Imagine owning your own mobile tiny house for $12,000 dollars – or perhaps even less, depending on the route you take. That means owning your own home outright – without having to take out a crippling mortgage. Imagine simplifying your space and your life by whittling it down to the barest essentials. Imagine what a relief it would be to drop all of that clutter and baggage and to go small. Imagine what your conscience would feel like if you stripped down your carbon footprint and started living with nature rather than in spite of it.

Well, this is exactly what Sue and her husband did, and she relates her whole experience on her blog, “A Porch of My Own”. They bought a garden shed and turned it into a sweet little cabin for only $12,000. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t exactly difficult either, and now that it’s done, they don’t regret it one bit – they are, on the contrary, very happy.

And who wouldn’t be?

We’ve really got to hand it to Sue, especially, she is a super woman! She did the lion’s share of the work on this shed conversion. If we had half her skills, we’d be doing pretty good. She really knows how to live well and to live simply, enjoying the best things in life – like sitting on the front porch wrapped in a cozy throw, drinking her morning coffee and feeling the first of the cool North wind on her face. Ah, now that is pure luxury and abundance in our books, any day of the week.

Don’t forget to read the whole article for the full story – it’s a great one, this $12,000 shed-to-tiny house conversion.

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